China being the Alpha of AI, and our future after AlphaGo

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Before becoming an FTW Scholar, I am already aware of the advances in technology especially in the manufacturing industry since this is where I’m involved now. I’ve also attended numerous seminars on topics about the 4th Industrial Revolution and what’s in it for us in the industry. These seminars usually talked about automation, sensors, robots, and other innovations that can improved work. However, while I’m on this journey of becoming a data scientist, my perspective about the 4th Industrial Revolution also change. Now, for me it's all about Data…

My tool for survival in Data Science training 👌

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When I started my data science journey last August, a lot of things have changed in me. My routine completely changed from “work-eat-sleep repeat” to “work-eat-STUDY-less sleep repeat”. It's not an easy journey take but I love what I’m doing, and soon everything will be worth it.

And as studying became part of my daily routine, music also became a part of it too. My study set-up would always have Youtube played in the background (since I don’t like to pay apps and I don’t really mind the ads 😂). …

by making pretty data plotting in Anaconda Notebook.

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First, launch your Jupyter Notebook then create a new notebook with Python 3. Next, import the necessary libraries so you can start doing the magic.

I actually imported several libraries, but today I’ll be using more the Pandas and Seaborn.

Pandas library is for transforming datasets into a data frame (table form), and Seaborn is for plotting data, in a pretty manner 🙂.

But how does Seaborn makes data plotting “pretty”?

Simple, cause it has many data plots with a broad spectrum of colors to choose from which you can customize too…

The remake of the quiz “How #CertifiedFilipino are you?” with more advanced python coding.

At least for me, the code seems more advanced.

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Without further ado, here’s the link of the upgraded quiz in my Github repo:


And why it's a pre-requisite for all aspiring Data Scientists.

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I was in high school when I first had my statistics subject, and up to this day, I can’t forget how much I dreaded those years. I can still remember how tedious I was counting the number of occurrences per data point, memorizing so many formulas, and the worst part is getting an “F” after a whole day of exam because I overlooked the class size. I just thought back then that this too will be over and I won’t need to deal with it ever again.

Ironically, here I…

A Python quiz to check if you’re a true Filipino.

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I’ll be honest with you. I’m 100% Filipino (and I’m so proud of that) but I failed this quiz. But it’s not what you think.

I failed to code the quiz properly before anyone could even answer it. Simply because my code did not work as it was supposed to be.

It was frustrating. Then I got more frustrated seeing the codes of my co-scholars who presented, and I was just amazed how elegant their code is, and how they get to code like that after just 8-hours of Python…

Creating my first repo.

As part of my Week#4 homework to becoming the next “Miss Data Scientist”, I followed a series of steps in making my first repository or “repo” (which I think is a cool word I might abuse for a while haha). So I followed the instructions and got everything executed as expected.

The problem — I did not understand a thing how and why I did it.

And so, I relearned everything. Bit by bit. From what to how. From Youtube to

From the video above (in under 8 minutes because I watched it twice), I…

My journey into the world of Data Science.

A year ago, I don’t have the slightest idea of what data science is.

And now, I’m trying to be a Data Scientist.

I had always thought I’m living the path I want. To finished a degree in Industrial Engineering, then passed the CIE exams, and then find the perfect job.

But then, I was unhappy.

Being an IE thought me the attitude to always seek for the better. Kaizen. Better process, better systems, and better life.

For me, choosing to become a Data Scientist does not mean I’m brushing aside my…

Jela Nalica

IE.Future Data Scientist

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